Victory is ours!

56 days


22 countries (23 if you count Russia twice, 24 if you count our sneak into China)

26 oil changes

A few tears

Tons of laughter

The adventure of a lifetime

Thank you all for coming along and sharing the journey with us xx

2 thoughts on “Victory is ours!

  1. To Pete and Kerry,

    Well done to both of you. An absolutely fantastic effort and thank you both for sharing your adventures. Pete, I have known you for more years than we both probably care to remember and I had little doubt that you would get through it. You are that sort of person. Although I have not met Kerry I had complete and immediate admiration for her as I knew that the journey you would be taking her on would not be for the faint hearted. And she has travelled the distance well.

    I guess the big question for you two now is, “what’s next.” Besides a good shower and a comfortable bed that is. Talk to you when you get back mate or more likely, you will talk and I will listen.

    Happy trails.



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