Tasmanian Test Trip

2,200km – we did it all!



Heading towards Hell’s Gates – what an epic ride along the beach (until Peter started doing donuts, then it became a kid’s playground…*sigh*)



Just a couple of Posties, taking in the view… nothing to see here… nothing to see…


Testing out our tiny tent, tiny burner and tiny pots! (When you’re on tiny bikes, tiny matters!)



The posties enjoyed the view of the mines over Queenstown



Jeffrey’s Track from Huonsville to New Norfolk – suggested by my boss (??) and nearly killed me, but showed us what our mighty steeds were capable of (I may not have survived, but the Posties did ok….)



Bay of Fires…. beautiful


The ‘End of the Road’ – literally the most Southern tip you can drive to in Tasmania (and therefore Australia)




Our high-tech, expensive, but durable rain-proof protection against the driving rain… (once we discovered our ‘waterproof’ jackets were not so waterproof after all… )



Jeffrey’s Track… my Achilles Heel – I WILL PREVAIL






So, with a complete lack of annual leave (thanks to my application for three months leave in July to participate in the Mongol Rally) we decided to take advantage of our compulsory Christmas shutdown to test out our Posties and equipment by doing a tour of Tasmania (as one does, of course?).

What an epic trip – our bikes held up (I did not) and we realised our GoPro skills were dismal at best. (Who knew a squashed bug could obscure the entire lens for hours at a time, or that there was an automatic ‘shut down after inactivity time’ setting, resulting in no capture of the most beautiful forest drives??!!)

Regardless, watch this space for our update (and albeit sporadic GoPro footage, once I figure out how to transfer the pictures from that horrid grey box into something worthwhile) of our trip.  Wow, what a beautiful part of the world…

Good news is that the bruises are fading… both the physical and those to our (read: my) ego!  That said, I now consider myself a world renowned cross-country and adventure motorcycle rider after about 2,200km across all terrains including death-defying adventure tracks (aka perfectly passable roads) through Tasmania!  Bring on the Pamir – I dare you!

On the positive side… I am alive, and can’t bloody wait for July!

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