Held at gunpoint… but we still love Iran! 🖤

For those of you who may be getting a little bored with our ramblings, we thought we'd spice things up a bit for you. Like having three attempts at exiting Iran before being successful...But before we get to the exciting bits, we last left you we were heading for Tehran. We thought that as we … Continue reading Held at gunpoint… but we still love Iran! 🖤

We love Iran

Would you believe me if I told you we'd been run off the road by a car full of Iranian woman, who whisked us away to their seaside villa for the night? I'm not sure I would believe me either...But let me start where we left off. The border crossing from Armenia to Iran took … Continue reading We love Iran

Bumps, bruises, bees and borders

When I last left you, we had planned to head for Goreme (also know as Kapadokia) en route to the Black Sea after our detour to Pamukkale.We were well on our way but conditions were exhausting. We were facing boiling hot strong winds head on, with few trucks in sight for a much needed tow. … Continue reading Bumps, bruises, bees and borders

Plains, grains and automobiles

Back by popular demand, guest blogger Peter! Here, in the central highlands in Turkey is a living demonstration of how, with determination and effort, any nation on earth can feed itself. Maybe “plains” is not truly accurate as the country varies from broad, high elevation plains 1000 to 2000m above sea level, lying between stark, … Continue reading Plains, grains and automobiles